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Prestigious Products, Excellent Flavor, Great Value

Nutkao USA is a premium supplier of finished products for existing brands and private labels. We work with the largest retailers to supply quality custom and off-the-shelf spreads.


Our production facility in North Carolina pairs cutting-edge techniques and capabilities with our “made in Italy” flavors and quality standards to produce a wide range of finished products and semi-finished products ready for the retail market.


Traditional spreads with or without palm oil:

  • Hazelnut and chocolate spreads

  • Milk and dark chocolate

  • Gluten-free and Peanut free

  • Kosher


Specialty recipes:

  • Organic

  • Reduced sugar

  • Vegan/dairy free

  • Inclusions

  • Flavors


A High Standard of Quality Since 1982

Nutkao today is a global leader in providing exclusive and unique products that meld specific needs with local tastes. Our operations in the United States and vertically integrated corporate structure means we can better serve customers.


Our semi-finished and finished food products are characterized by their use of high-quality raw materials and focused concentration on detail, including custom batch sizes and packaging.


Processes Defined by a Focus on Speed and Quality

At Nutkao, we go beyond offering simple wholesale ingredient sourcing, packaging, or co-manufacturing to combine all of these processes into a single solution focused on speed and quality.


All of our ingredients meet the highest standards of sourcing, and you benefit from our close relationships with our suppliers. Meaning that you get exactly what you are looking for, exactly when you need it.

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