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Nutkao USA Industrial Service Large Hazelnut Spread Banner

Spreads and Creams for Industrial Productions


If you are a food service company with high demands, we are able to work with your team to match your current product and create items that meet your exact needs.


When it comes to large-scale food production, we know that consistency and dependability are a big deal. That is why our operations are focused on sending you only the highest quality products, made to spec, every time.


We are proud of our ability to work with food manufacturers to provide the chocolate and hazelnut creams and spreads that you need for your food operations. We know that meeting specification is critical and meeting your schedule is crucial.


Whatever your industrial food need is, the Nutkao team is whom you want to work with to get it right.


World-Class Italian Food Products, Made Right Here in the USA

Our North Carolina facility positions Nutkao to deliver the highest-quality chocolate and hazelnut sweets available on the market.


  • Spreads in buckets

  • Spreads in tanks

  • Clean labels


Certifications That Matter

We are certified by the world’s leading food safety and quality assurance organizations. See all of our certifications for yourself.

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