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The BRC (British Retail Consortium) global standard is one of the most used operational tools to select suppliers in the agri-food chain, especially by large-scale retail trade (GDO). This standard represents the company's ongoing commitment to food safety, quality, and compliance with the hygiene and health standards that govern the agri-food sector. Learn More


Certification that is obtained following a control process by a specialized rabbinical body that supervises the productions to ensure that they comply with Jewish dietary rules. Learn More


Food Facilities Certificate: certification that allows the accreditation of production plants where food products destined for America are processed to ensure food safety. Learn More


Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil aims to promote the cultivation and use of sustainable palm oil. It responds to customer requests and requirements relating to their commitment in terms of sustainability of products derived from oil palm, to meet the needs of major distributors and retailers to certify the sustainability of products and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable production practices.

Learn More


Certification that guarantees environmental sustainability, product quality and origin of raw materials, together with the respect of precise processing methods along the entire supply chain up to the final consumer. Learn More


Related to cocoa and hazelnuts, it is a worldwide certification program whose purpose is to ensure that primary production is implemented correctly and without inconvenience for workers and local populations. The main advantage is to clearly identify a product for which ethical and environmental principles have been respected. Learn More

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