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Nutkao Offers Food Co-Manufacturing Services That Are Fast, Efficient, and

At Nutkao, we take pride in long-lasting partnerships engineered to produce great products. With our facility in North Carolina and key global connections, we have the experience and expertise to help you with new products, line extensions, and seasonal offerings.


It All Starts With Great Ingredients

We have long-standing relationships with leading raw material and product suppliers all over the globe. Meaning that when you partner with Nutkao, you gain an experienced leader ready to move your products from the drawing board to the store shelf.


Custom-Made Spreads

We create products that represent our customers’ vision, which are unique from the competition yet at the same time familiar to consumers.  Each spread is created following an accurate assessment of ingredients and focus in the quality and selection of raw materials, recipes, texture, and production needs. The final solution will take into consideration the specific processing needs at the customer’s plant, packaging, and logistics.

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